August Ames Bio

August Ames BioAugust Ames is a Canadian Pornstar who entered into the adult industry in 2013. Within a short span, August had already appeared in 30 titles and modeled for numerous websites. She had done non-nude modeling when she was younger, but it was mostly local stuff. However, she loved being made up and getting attention and always felt that she would end up in California eventually. So one day, when she was watching Dr. Phil and feeling especially bored, she got on her laptop and started looking at porn. She was fed up with bartending and working at the local tanning salon. She wanted something more adventurous, so she clicked on a “be a model” link, and her new career began.

August was born August 23, 1994 in Nova Scotia. She lived on military bases all over the country growing up, but would often return home to Nova Scotia. It was during her Junior Year in high school that she really started to blossom. She made lots of new friends and gained a ton of attention from the boys. She became a cheerleader and lost her virginity at age 17 on a blanket under the stars. She hated sex at first, but after a few more times, came to love it and had a lot of one-night stands before joining the world of porn.

True to her Virgo sign, August is very impulsive and doesn’t really care what other people think. She is very social and outgoing. She loves to travel, learn new things, and take risks. Going to the beach and watching movies with friends are also on the list of her favorites. Add to that her love of cooking and you have one really awesome babe!

When looking for a man, appearances aren’t her main priority. She admits to liking older men and says that honesty is a top priority. Liars are not welcome. Other than that, she appreciates guys with a good heart, intelligence, confidence, and humor. She did date another girl for a few months once, but broke it off. She likes having fun with girls, but wants a man for the serious stuff.

At the time of this biographical writeup, August appeared to be having a lot of fun in the industry and focusing on getting herself out there and making a name for herself. With her undeniable beauty, winning personality, and drop-dead gorgeous 32D-23-28 natural body, she is having no trouble at all gaining new fans. In fact, she says that interaction and recognition from her fans is what she is enjoying most and what keeps her confident and motivated.

She can see herself settling down and starting a family eventually, but for the time being, she is fully committed to the wild ride that she is on and wants to leave her mark in the fantasies of men all over the world.

Editor’s Note: Sadly, August left this world on December 2017. However, her memory is kept alive by devoted fans and by those whose lives she touched in both real life and within the adult industry.

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